After 16 years, Kirsten Luckins re-read her India journals only to realise that encountering a former self is just as shocking as getting lost in another culture. ‘The Moon Cannot be Stolen’ takes its title from a zen fable which may or may not be about the search for the authentic self. Let’s say it is. Let’s say that the show is about the same subject. Part dark travelogue, part metaphysical enquiry, inspired by travel diaries re-examined in the cold light of relative maturity – expect poetry, anecdote and even a spot of Tarot-reading. The past really is another country…



2 Responses to Home

  1. Irene Styles says:

    Have just bought tickets for your Washington performance. Really looking forward to it as been told by friends how good it is.

  2. nellsberry says:

    An absolute delight, your sincerity and authenticity really inspire me.

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