The Chatter In The Ladies…

…said “that was amazing“. Lucky for me that my friend was in there undercover to report back to me, as my nerves on performing the newly developed show for the first time in London on Sunday were so strong that I had literally no idea whether or not I’d shone or flopped. Lucky for me that she was there as well because she had seen the old version twice, and I trust her to be intelligent, critical and honest with her feedback.

So – things that are working include: using my body more to dance, gesture, climb on chairs and do rituals; the new use of props and how single items (like my purple sarong-scarf) are used in a variety of ways to produce different meanings; the scary gesticulating with a penknife in ‘Eight-Finger Eddy’; the way each poem now has its own distinct energy and character.

My sincere thanks go to Richard Tyrone Jones, the force behind Utter!, who gave me the chance to do the show in Edinburgh last year, and again as part of his mini-festival in Kings Cross. Lovely crowd, and a fine bill of shows throughout.

Here are some pics of me, gurning away as usual…

Image  Image

Image  Image


About Kirsten Luckins

Poet and performer. North East Programme Co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes. First collection, The Trouble With Compassion, launched March 2016 and available from Burning Eye Books. First solo show, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, voted second in Saboteur Awards 2014. Second show currently under construction. Poet-in-Residence at the Heroism & Heartbreak project, Hartlepool Community Archive, looking at WW1 maritime stories.
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