Kirsten And Sasha Have This Show…

So there is Kirsten here-now and Kirsten there-then. For simplicity, let’s call the latter ‘Sasha’ – and you’ll have to see the show to find out why.

Because the source materials for the show were my own travel journals, sometimes quoted verbatim, obviously the voice speaking the poems shifts between Sasha describing places, people and events and Kirsten looking back commenting on them and their consequences. Obviously.

But I didn’t realise this fully until I had a director to pick apart the script and make me decide – who is speaking now? A big part of working with Matt to develop the show has been figuring out how Kirsten and Sasha move and speak, and how to signal shifts between the two.

It turns out that Sasha, being young and clueless, is both energetic and chaotic on stage, whereas Kirsten is stiller and more thoughtful. And Sasha is usually doing something with a purple batik sarong. Amazing what you can do with a sarong…

So when it was time to record a video trailer for my venues to show before films, I thought it was only fair to let both Kirsten and Sasha have a go at explaining the show.


About Kirsten Luckins

Poet and performer. North East Programme Co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes. First collection, The Trouble With Compassion, launched March 2016 and available from Burning Eye Books. First solo show, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, voted second in Saboteur Awards 2014. Second show currently under construction. Poet-in-Residence at the Heroism & Heartbreak project, Hartlepool Community Archive, looking at WW1 maritime stories.
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