So, Learn Much?

It’s been just over a month since I finished my little regional tour, and I’ve been putting off this blog, telling myself I had to pay my team and do my Arts Council report first…lies. Truth is, first I was knackered and then I was sort of depressed. BUT! Today I have finally made my donation to Wateraid from the chapbook profits – £150, thank you all very much indeed if you bought one. And I thought I’d mention a couple of things I learned from this whole shebang.

1. I love starting things, hate finishing them – hence no ‘final blog’ for over a month.

2. Producers are much under-rated human beings, but are in fact worth their own body-weight in authentic Italian gelato, and next time I tour a show I will GET FUNDING FOR ONE.

3. Some venues are bloody marvellous at promotion. Some are chocolate teapots.

4. Making a show is even more fun than performing it, the contentment of the creative process is a wholesome low-GI slow-release version of the sugar-spike happiness you get after performing.

5. The smell of fear-sweat is unlike any other sweat I have ever produced, and is capable of beaming out columns of stink from my armpits like olfactory light sabres.

So there you have it!

The unplugged version of the show will be having a little outing to the PBH Free Fringe in Edinburgh next month – come and see me here:

The Royal Oak (venue 21)
2pm daily from 11th – 15th August

Feel free to shout about it on Facebook.

Hilariously, I will also be appearing in the BBC Slam, having never slammed before – catch the early rounds, I’m bound to crash out early!


About Kirsten Luckins

Poet and performer. North East Programme Co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes. First collection, The Trouble With Compassion, launched March 2016 and available from Burning Eye Books. First solo show, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, voted second in Saboteur Awards 2014. Second show currently under construction. Poet-in-Residence at the Heroism & Heartbreak project, Hartlepool Community Archive, looking at WW1 maritime stories.
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