Monsoon Is The Hit Single

I wonder how long I can ride on the popularity of this particular poem? I wrote it after talking to the lovely Martin Douglas about tabla rhythms and the vocalisations practitioners use to learn set rhythmic sequences. The noises suggested words, particularly the ‘tereketeh tan tan tan’ made me think ‘terracotta pan pan pan’, and just like that a rain-inspired sound poem was conceived. Now it’s my go-to piece, the one everyone loves…

The one I used as my opening number for the BBC Slam heats. Then I got through to the finals, so I used it again. Then I got through to the final round in the finals – but didn’t win. Darn. Still, not bad going for my first ever slam, and the extra bonus is that the BBC filmed it all, so you can watch it here.

All in all, a respectable Free Fringe. It’s hard to get a build-up of audiences in just a five-day run, but I averaged 10 per show and that’s not at all bad. Plus I made enough money in my bucket to eat, cover my train fare and even catch three ‘real’ shows on the paid Fringe. But that’s it now – I’ve done that show two years in a row, albeit with development and changes in the interim, now I have to get writing a new one!


About Kirsten Luckins

Poet and performer. North East Programme Co-ordinator for Apples and Snakes. First collection, The Trouble With Compassion, launched March 2016 and available from Burning Eye Books. First solo show, The Moon Cannot Be Stolen, voted second in Saboteur Awards 2014. Second show currently under construction. Poet-in-Residence at the Heroism & Heartbreak project, Hartlepool Community Archive, looking at WW1 maritime stories.
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